A Colourful Wedding

Pastel colours seem to be the obvious and common choice for many weddings. And alright….. the Mint & Chocolate colour scheme could turn out very pastel. By the way, I’m not a “pink-loving” girl, pastel pinks or bright fuchsia pinks, not for me.

My 2nd choice is an absolutely wonderfully colourful wedding! Very different from the first one, I know! I’ve not been to any colourful Malay wedding before. However, it is very difficult to pull off and is quite easy to look rather tacky. I already have a decorator in mind that can do a fantastic job for this. It’s TWC! They’re my favourite out of those that I’ve seen so far. If I can afford them, I’d definitely hire them in a heart beat. Dear TWC, please hire me as your client, pretty please…….?

Here’s a really beautiful wedding rehearsal (with a Mexican Theme) that I found via StyleMePretty.com. With such colours, it would make everyone feel so happy!

An Overview with Hanging Flower Poufs and Cut Out Banners

Table Centerpiece
Patterned velvet runners overlaid on yellow linens
Bright lanterns in Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink
Interesting use of Mexican hot sauce, sodas bottles, and jalapeno cans as vases

View the whole gallery of this rehearsal dinner here!

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